Revati Nemani

Revati Nemani assists Stacie Seipel in the Catalpa preprimary classroom. She has been with us since 1994. She and her husband, Murthy, live in West Lafayette. They have three children. Venu, son, graduated from UCSF with an MD/PhD and started residency in orthopaedic surgery at the hospital for special surgery in New York city.  Raaja, son, lives in Chicago and started a fashion shoe company called  Lakshmi, daughter, graduated from Northwestern university with a double major in Biology and International studies and is working for a non profit in Chicago on a Northwestern university public interest fellowship.  Revati holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from India and completed training in computer programming in 1998. She attended the Montessori Assistant Teacher training at Montessori Academy in August 1995.


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