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River Birch Class List9/10/2018
River Birch Orientation7/26/2018
Parent Handbook5/21/2018
ADP Orientation8/2/2018
Birthday Celebration Guidelines6/29/2011
10/15/18 - Monday, October 15, 2018


Ruby and Emma working with the beginning sound of objects using the movable alphabet.


Aria Pin-punching the letter "b" for bat.


All Wednesdays we have Music with our wonderful teacher Ms. Stephanie, she sometimes brings to the classroom instruments for your children to try. The "Ukulele" from Hawaii.


Keith cutting and gluing on the pumpkin.


I want to take a moment to say "Thank you" to Deborah Lightstone (Dany's Mom) for taking the time and energy to come and work with our children in River Birch and make our Project for the Auction.
I had a Mom asking me How you can help in the classroom or with donations to the classroom. We have a wish list in Small Hands magazine, if you want to donated something you always can check on this. This counts toward your volunteers hours. Here is the link for you to see:
We continue talking about Bats, and Pumpkins. This coming week is going to be a short week:
-Thursday, October 18th  is NO SCHOOL for children. It is  Parent/teacher Conferences:  This day the conferences are going to be in River Birch classroom. If you haven't signed up for conferences please do in this link: 
-Friday, October 19th NO SCHOOL for children. Staff Training. 
Please make sure you check the weather in the mornings and bring your child with clothes appropriate for it. We continue starting our days outside and it is cold. Also check your child's box in the bathroom, maybe it is time to change those extra shorts for pants.
Thank you to Sofia's family for bringing snack for our classroom and Micah's family for doing the laundry last week. Don't forget to log in your hours!
Please reach out with any concerns/questions as always. Thanks for your support.
Kind Regards,
Ana and Erica.
10/8/18 - Monday, October 8, 2018

Hello families of River Birch,

This past week in River Birch:


 Mallory writing with the movable alphabet.


Susi, Henry and Sophia working with the 3 part cards of the Pumpkin.


Julian and Kherington working with the life cycle of the Pumpkin.


Karen painting her pumpkin in Art.


Thank you to Aria's family for donating all pumpkins for River Birch class. Children enjoyed them! 

Pumpkins, Bats and Sunflowers this week to continue exploring. For these and more pictures, please go to SmugMug password: aNP2grow. 

Our first sharing day went GREAT! Thank you for helping your child to find appropriate items to bring and share with us. Remember every FRIDAY is sharing day!


-Thank you to Mallory's family for donating to our classroom glasses and  "Marble Crayons" children have been working with them all week. 
- Thank you to the families that bring snack (Daniel's family) and do Laundry for us (Micah's family) last week.
- We continue having Observations in the classroom this week. for parent/teacher Conferences please go to:
Please reach out with any questions or concerns as always.
Thanks for your support.
Kind Regards,
Ana and Erica
September 30 - Monday, October 1, 2018

Great couple of weeks, children continue working, learning and growing. We enjoy seeing them every day enjoying the outdoors and indoor as well.

Here some pictures of the last couple weeks:
 We had our second butterfly emerging from chrysalis. This time our friends of Spanish let the butterfly go free. Children in the classroom continue enjoying lots of works related to butterflies.
Julian and Danny working with the 3 Part Cards of the butterfly.

Rachel decorating the butterfly.

Henry C. Cutting his butterfly.

Kherington and Rachel coloring their butterfly masks.

 It seems like most of them know the life cycle of the butterfly by now. In Practical Life scrubbing the dinosaur was a hit for all my friends.
Gabe and Cameron Scrubbing the dinosaur and have a nice conversation about it.
Keith peeling the cucumber (concentration, coordination, sense of order and independence). 
Karen after peeling her carrot, she is now cutting it.

Sarita working with the Red and Blue Rods and finding the correspondent Numeral.

We move from North America to South America, many new research about new animals:

Nico so excited learning about the King Penguin.

Gabe, Nico, Henry L. and Danny working with different animals of South America.

Ruby working on her map of North America.

Micah working on his map of United States of North America.

These and many more works your children are doing in the classroom. Go to SmugMug for more pictures, password aNP2grow.

We are going to move from butterflies to "Bats" and study all about it. We also are going to talk about "Pumpkins" in botany. Special "Thanks" to Aria's family for donating beautiful pumpkins for all our children in River Birch; we have many plans to do with them. We also are going to bake pumpkin pie in the coming weeks.
-These coming week we are going to start our "Sharing" day on Fridays. Your child can bring something to share from home on Fridays from now on. Check on the Classroom Parent Orientation that you received at the beginning of the school year to see what is an appropriate item to bring for sharing. NO TOYS, NO STUFF ANIMALS please!
- This Wednesday, October 3rd is Donuts with dads from 8:30-11:00 am. If you want to come to the classroom after you have your donut and enjoy the classroom with your child for little bit, please do!
- October is the month of Observations and Parent/Teacher conferences. For Observations in the classroom there will be a sign up sheet (by the white board, outside the classroom) for you to find the best date and time that works for you. Please make sure you read the guide lines for observations, and keep in mind your time for observing (15 minutes). 
Parent/Teacher Conferences are going to be on Thursday, October 18th in Birch Classroom, and Wednesday, October 24th in the Conference Room. You will received an invitation to sign up on line for these. If any of these dates work for you, let me know and we will find other time to meet. 
I am going to give you a "Parent Input to Fall Conference" sheet for you to answer few questions. Please make sure you fill it and give it back to me as soon as you can. Thanks.
Thank you to Keith's family and Micah's family for doing the laundry for us the last two weeks, and to Cameron's family and Julian's family for bringing the snack to our classroom.
As always if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. Thank you for sharing your beautiful children with us.
Ana and Erica
Kroger Cares - Thursday, August 16, 2018

Our Pay Less number has changed, so when you sign up for Kroger Cares please use - AX108 . Directions on how to sign-up to support MSGL are in the comments.

Thank you to all the families who are currently supporting MSGL this last quarter we earned $386.97. Please sign up to help us reach our goal of $450 a quarter.


How to Sign up for Kroger Cares

Register online at

Sign In or create an account
- If you don’t already have an account, follow the directions to create one.
- If you use your phone number when you check out and don’t know your card number, call 800-576-4377 to get your Payless/Kroger Plus card number. 
- Click on Welcome Valued Customer and select My Account
- Go to Community Reward and click Edit
- Enter our enrollment number AX108
- Click on Montessori Parents Inc. #AX108 (This is our Non-Profit 
Corporation name)
- Select Enroll.

Now you are signed up and for one year, your purchases will generate income for MSGL at no extra cost to you!

Please make a note to sign up again next year at this time; enrollment lasts only one year. 

You will know you are enrolled the next time you shop because the bottom of your receipt will say “At your request, we are donating to Montessori Parents Inc.”

Mabel's Labels Fundraiser - Monday, July 16, 2018

Keep your child's items out of the lost and found this school year with labels from Mabel's Labels and support MSGL at the same time. Find more information here.

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