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Wayback Wednesday: 2004 - Class Photos

Today is school picture day! 

 Harriet tries to convince Ian to blow that silly ducky off her head.

When Harriet and "the ducky" show up to take our pictures, you can bet that the children are well-dressed, the snack is no-mess, and the staff is slightly stressed - for two whole days. Sometimes there are tears and pouty faces, but never in front of the children :)

These teachers from 2004 look pretty happy. Enjoy this week's Wayback Wednesday photos from 2004.  

Spruce Toddler class 3-day and 5-day 
Teachers Cheryl Whiteman, Lena Schurr, Karen Bernier,

 Spruce Toddler Class 2-day and 5-day
Teachers Jennifer Tyrell, Cheryl Whiteman, Lena Schurr, Karen Bernier.

 Red Oak Preprimary Class
Teachers: Erica Wallskog and Judy West.

 Willow Preprimary Class
Teachers Ana Orizondo, and Jessica Burdge,
 Catalpa Preprimary Class
Teachers Ginny Meyer and Revati Nemani.
 White Oak Preprimary 2-day and 5-day Class
Teachers Judy West and Janice Schuster,
 White Oak Preprimary 3-day and 5-day Class
Teachers Judy West and Janice Schuster.

 Globe Willow Bilingual Preprimary Class
Teachers Ana Orizondo and Veda Chandrasekar,
 Catalpa Pods Kindergarten
Teachers Ginny Meyer, Angie Shamo, and Heather Harvey.

 Hickory Elementary Class
Teachers Linda Bolam, Linda Teller, and Kelly Haley,


Smile, silly ducky! And have a terrific Wednesday.

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Avatar  Ana Sofia 5 years agoReply

Wow... I'm in one of these pictures! I think I was about four or five... I'm in high school now. So great to see that MSGL is still up and running and giving kids the great education it gave me. I'm taking all honors classes and am three years ahead of my grade in math. I still remember the math facts flash cards and the cubes, rods, and beads for counting. Thanks to everyone for for giving me and other kids a great start! :D

Avatar  Heather Harvey 5 years agoReply

It's great to hear from you, Ana Sofia! I remember you very well when you were in my class. I remember your sister, too. I'm glad to hear you are well and that you still enjoy math. It means so much to all of us here when our former students check in and tell us what they are doing. Please stay in touch and be sure to stop in and visit if you are ever in town.

Best wishes,

Avatar  Lena 5 years agoReply

Great blog, Heather! This was my first year at MSGL. The little girl in the pink shirt is Angelina Spinola-Retamosa and the smiley guy in the navy shirt, I think, is Jerrick Mennen.

Avatar  Heather Harvey 5 years agoReply

Thanks, Lena. Wow - you've been here almost a decade! That's nearly 10 years of smiling at the ducky.