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Wayback Wednesday: 1998 - Toddler Field Trip to Columbian Park

The MSGL photo archives are a bit disorganized and I usually have to sift through them to come up with a Wayback Wednesday post, but this week the work was already done. After leading the toddler families on this field trip to Lafayette's Columbian Park Zoo in the Spring of 1998, teacher Suman Harshvardhan put together this little photo album for the children. 

 Look who's ready for a ride on the Columbian Park Express!


Suman makes sure everyone has a snack. The old Big Dipper slide can be seen in the background. The slide was dismantled when the park was renovated in the early 00's. Here's a photo of the slide in it's glory days...








These kiddos are college freshmen (or nearly) now. Thanks for reading and have a great Wednesday!



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Avatar  Jeffrey All 5 years agoReply

I remember this day well! Daisy's not in too many photos because she's hanging upside down somewhere, no doubt. Probably with the monkeys. Who's that young father with the goofy looking pony tail?

Avatar  Daisy Schopmeyer 5 years agoReply

This totally made my day today! I don't remember this day at all, too young... but these are precious pictures!
I'm sitting in my dorm room at college looking at these pictures smiling away.
Thanks for bringing back some childhood memories

Avatar  Heather Harvey 5 years agoReply

Thank you, Daisy! I am so happy to hear you enjoyed the photos. We have lots more to share in the coming months. Best of luck to you!

Avatar  Lena 5 years agoReply

Here are the names of the little people Suman could recognize from the photos: Kelly Wilkins (blue dress), Benjamin Staiger (Cindy Krulitz's son) (red shorts), and Erin Rossmann (yellow raincoat).