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Wayback Wednesday: 1998 - Peter Cottontails and Banana Bombs
Wayback Wednesday: 1998 - Peter Cottontails and Banana Bombs

1998 was a big year for MSGL because we announced our expansion so we received lots of media coverage. This week's Wayback Wednesday post features another story from the Lafayette Journal and Courier. On July 7th, a story about our summer camp cooking class filled the 4 Kidz Only page. (I love that the J&C embraced phonetic spelling!)

The photos are beautiful and the children's quotes, especially about date math, are really sweet.

Featured teacher, Revati Nemani is still with MSGL today in the Catalpa class. The children featured in this article are now in college. Are any of them studying to be chefs? We would love to know. If you know Alie Magnante, Daniel Plesniak, Asher Bogdanove, or Andrew Staiger, please pass this along. It would be great to hear from them.

And maybe you and your young ones will give one of these recipes a go? We would love to hear about that, too. 



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Avatar  Andrew Staiger 5 years agoReply

Cooking at a young age definitely helped me to be confident in cooking my own meals later in life. I can't say I'm training to be a chef, but I definitely still combine numbers and letters in innovative ways with a dual architecture/creative writing degree. Montessori's teaching method was key in guiding me to be self-motivated, which was the most important lesson I gained from exercises like this.

Thank you for posting!

Avatar  Heather Harvey 5 years agoReply

It's so nice to hear from you, Andrew! The study of architecture and creative writing surely provides you with many interesting opportunities to express yourself. Thank you for sharing with us and best wishes as you complete your studies at Carnegie Mellon.

Avatar  Cindy Krulitz 5 years agoReply

Andrew Staiger is my son. He is now a Senior at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. He lives in an apartment and does like to cook.

Avatar  Heather Harvey 5 years agoReply

Hi Cindy! Thanks for commenting. It's good to hear from you and it's always great to hear about our alums. Best wishes to Andrew in his senior year.