Maple Teachers

Chloe Garwood
Lead Teacher


Katie Osborn
Assistant Teacher

Daily Schedule
11:30 to 11:50  Lunch preparation

11:50 to 12:50  Lunch and clean-up

12:50 to 1:30  Recess (note: there will be days when we stay outside longer than 1:30, thereby pushing everything back ¼ hour).

1:30  Lunch Bunch Dismissal

1:45 to 2:00  Story and nap preparation for Hourly and Full afternoon

2:00 to 2:30  Rest Time

2:30  Non-sleepers work/play

3:00  Globe Willow and Canoe Birch children arrive

4:30 to 5:30  Recess (playground)…Time is flexible and subject to weather

5:30  School closes


Maple Documents
Welcome! - Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Maple Class Teachers - Thursday, August 10, 2017

Welcome to the Maple All Day Program (ADP)


Kroger Cares - Thursday, August 16, 2018

Our Pay Less number has changed, so when you sign up for Kroger Cares please use - AX108 . Directions on how to sign-up to support MSGL are in the comments.

Thank you to all the families who are currently supporting MSGL this last quarter we earned $386.97. Please sign up to help us reach our goal of $450 a quarter.


How to Sign up for Kroger Cares

Register online at

Sign In or create an account
- If you don’t already have an account, follow the directions to create one.
- If you use your phone number when you check out and don’t know your card number, call 800-576-4377 to get your Payless/Kroger Plus card number. 
- Click on Welcome Valued Customer and select My Account
- Go to Community Reward and click Edit
- Enter our enrollment number AX108
- Click on Montessori Parents Inc. #AX108 (This is our Non-Profit 
Corporation name)
- Select Enroll.

Now you are signed up and for one year, your purchases will generate income for MSGL at no extra cost to you!

Please make a note to sign up again next year at this time; enrollment lasts only one year. 

You will know you are enrolled the next time you shop because the bottom of your receipt will say “At your request, we are donating to Montessori Parents Inc.”

Mabel's Labels Fundraiser - Monday, July 16, 2018

Keep your child's items out of the lost and found this school year with labels from Mabel's Labels and support MSGL at the same time. Find more information here.

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