What Parents Say About MSGL
My daughter, Samantha, is thriving under Linda and Cathy's guidance. When we first brought Samantha to MSGL, she had almost "shut down" due to a traumatic public school experience in Georgia. Linda and Cathy not only gained her trust, but helped Sam blossom, academically and socially. I highly recommend the Elementary program to any parent whose child may not fit the conformity of the public school system.
-Karla Shelton
Lafayette, Indiana
We absolutely love this school. We moved here while we were expecting our second child and, being worried about how to care for two children, were looking for a place to send our 2-year-old part time. We had no prior experience with the Montessori approach to education, but now we're hooked! I feel the classes and teachers play an integral role in raising my children, giving them opportunities I could not give them at home. MSGL has not only been great for my children, but for me as well. I feel reassured knowing that I have a place to bring them where they receive wonderful care and lots of personal attention.
-Libby Miller
Lafayette, Indiana
Christopher is a bright, quiet child who has benefited from the individualized attention and support for working at his own level and pace in the classroom. All of the teachers' incredible patience and the calm, structured working of the classroom have nurtured his growth. The Montessori environment has allowed him to experience and learn cooperation, acceptance, and respect among all persons.
-Debbie Givan
West Lafayette, Indiana
As a family that relocates frequently, we were blessed to have found MSGL when we moved from Connecticut (where we had already experienced the Montessori system). The teachers at MSGL are knowledgeable and involved and they played a key role in the adaptation of our daughter to the preprimary program and our son to the toddlers program. The partnership between parents and teachers has fulfilled our highest expectations and the constant communication, advice and feedback has positively impacted our children’s growth. Thank you MSGL!
-Peter Haanschoten & Johanna Mutter
West Lafayette, Indiana
Our son, Isaac, is enrolled in the Parent-Infant class at MSGL. At about 23 months, he's already quite verbal, although he uses 'you' when he really means 'I'. So, if he says 'you want to see the fire trucks,' he really means 'I want to see the fire trucks.' Many days, when we go into his room in the morning, he greets us by saying 'You want to go to school today,' even if it's not a school day. And several times, after a busy morning playing with the toys and other kids at MSGL, we've been in the car on the way home when Isaac has said excitedly 'you want to go back to school!' We hope he always feels that way!
-Greg Buzzard and Hilary Cooke
West Lafayette, Indiana
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