Our Tenets of Behavior

The MSGL staff helps children maintain a healthy self-image while learning social norms for behavior. The entire school setting is arranged with this in mind. The basic rules in a Montessori environment are:

  • All people are respected. (No physical or verbal harm to oneself or others. The work of others is not disturbed.)
  • The environment is respected. (All materials handled correctly and put away properly.
  • The following are a few of the procedures used at school that help the children operationalize these general concepts. You are encouraged to use similar procedures at home.
  • Use your inside (quiet) voice in the classroom and hallway.
  • Use your walking feet in the classroom and hallway.
  • Thank someone when they comply with a request.
  • Hands are on our own body, unless you have permission.
  • It is polite to ask if you can help a friend with her/his work. Respect your friend's answer.
  • The teacher may excuse you from a work if you abuse the materials.
  • Use your words, not your hands, when you are unhappy with someone.
  • You may tell someone how you feel when you are upset or confused.
  • Toys or other items from home may be brought to the sharing basket or left in the locker.
  • We can create our own clever characters, but we may not pretend to be characters that hurt others.

When difficulties arise, teachers allow time for the children themselves to settle the issue with words. If intervention is necessary, teachers remind children of the rules and redirect if necessary. A time out may be used if a child needs time away from others or materials to regain emotional control. Corporal punishment is never used.