Retail/Corporate Programs

Family and Friends Can Earn Easy Money for MSGL!

Each year we depend upon donations from our families and friends to help us achieve the excellence you've come to expect from MSGL programs and facilities. But all donations are not created equally; while some come directly out of your pocketbook, the retail and corporate programs in which we participate allow MSGL to benefit from your everyday activities. Best of all, anyone can sign up to benefit MSGL, so encourage your family, friends, and neighbors to visit our website for the details.

2010-2011  Summary

Target $508.67
General Mills $494.95
Marsh 62,180 points
GoodSearch $283.96
Scrip $

The retail programs above are easy to use, but require a one time effort in signing up and letting the organizations know that you want to help MSGL. Please take a moment to sign up for any of the programs that you can, and watch what a difference you can make as the donations for this year are updated on our website.

See the Annual Campaign page for more about how MSGL allocated last year’s fundraising proceeds.