Julie Peretin

Julie Peretin is the Administrative Assistant in the MSGL Main Office. 

I was born and raised in rural Tippecanoe County. I met my husband, Joseph, after my freshman year at Purdue. We moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan where I finished my philosophy degree at Calvin College while he was in culinary school. We moved back to Lafayette in 2010 after the birth of our son, Ezra. He just completed his third year in the Willow room. Our second child, Elena, is poised to start her first year in preprimary and Esther (1) will soon join her at MSGL. I look forward to watching our children grow in this community. 
     I've been involved with the Greater Lafayette Holocaust Remembrance Conference Committee, Indiana Extension Homemakers and St. Alexis Orthodox Church. I enjoy gardening, baking and yoga. 
More About Julie

How did you first become involved with Montessori education?

     Some of my friends in high school were students at MSGL almost 25 years ago. They all completed three years in the preprimary program and their mother always spoke fondly of her experience with the school. When I was considering early education options for my children I remembered the conversations I had with her and sought out MSGL.

How do you think a Montessori education benefits children?

     I love the sense of self and the sense of community a child realizes in a Momtessori classroom. Independence is developed as the child observes classmates completing challenging work and receives a well-timed presentation. The child is able to think critically and is often able to self-correct. Giving a child the chance to reflect on his or her work is a skill that will be invaluable as the child develops into a citizen of a wide, wide world.

What is your most memorable moment at MSGL?

     This fall I watched as a friend's petite, 4-year-old daughter confidently climbed the ladder to the highest white monkey bar, twisted herself over, slipped and fell hard on the ground. She popped up, dusted off the mulch, looked at the monkey bar and climbed right back up the ladder to try again. She was so proud of herself when she managed to shimmy across the highest bar. That type of confidence and determination is precious.

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