Parent Involvement
Did you know MSGL is not-for-profit corporation?

Yes, we are. MSGL is a not-for-profit corporation of parents who send their children to this school. Participation by each family is highly encouraged. We ask that you volunteer for one or more of the activities listed below.

  1. Classroom Helper—Help the classroom teacher by preparing activity packets, sewing or constructing simple projects for classroom use. Help with holiday or cultural celebrations. Teachers will post volunteer sign-up sheets outside their classrooms when assistance is needed. Arrange for special programs in your area of interest of expertise. (i.e., dental health, dinosaurs, play musical instruments).
  2. Field Trips—Members help arrange for, chaperone, or drive students on field trips. Drivers will be asked to provide a statement of insurance. 
  3. Sound Table—Each class needs parents to regularly assist children with learning letter sounds by giving lessons with the Sandpaper Letters. Classroom teachers offer training for parents.
  4. Listening to Readers—Each classroom needs volunteers who enjoy listening to emerging “readers.”
  5. Class Photographer—Take photos of children in their classroom and/or on field trips. These photos will be used in the monthly newsletter as well as annual yearbook.
  6. Ice Cream Social—Plan the school Ice Cream Social
  7. End-of-the-Year Picnic—Plan the school End-of-theYear Picnic.
  8. Box Tops—Coordinate the collection and submission of General Mills box tops.
  9. Book Fair—Help with planning, seting up, working and/or taking down the book fair.
  10. Auction—Many volunteers are needed for tasks both large and small - planning commitee, solicitations, food prep, classroom baskets, art projects, etc.
  11. Fundraising—Plan and implement one or more of the MSGL fundraising events, including the Book Fair and annual Auction.
  12. Playground—Scheduled weekly rotation of sweeping the concrete area of the playground as well as picking up litter. We encourage you to involve your child(ren).
  13. Landscaping & Grounds—Plan the landscaping and garden design. Volunteers are needed for watering flowers, weeding areas, and planting bulbs.
  14. Repairs—Make repairs to classroom materials (usually wooden items) or painting. Minor building maintenance, such as changing fluorescent light bulbs or replacing weather stripping along doorways.
  15. Appeals—Meets only as required as part of the appeals process described in the personnel policies. Review the facts of a case and give recommendation to the Board in the event of an issue relating to evaluation and retention of staff.
  16. Board Membership—Members attend monthly policy setting meetings and may coordinate one of the volunteer activity groups. Members also communicate with others parents about concerns and assist with Public-Relations efforts.
  17. Substitute Teaching—Persons interested in working in the classroom as a paid substitute teacher will be placed on a list. A three hour training program is held in September.
  18. Recycling— Scheduled weekly rotation of transporting bins to/from the recycling center.
  19. Snow Safety— Scheduled weekly rotation of shoveling snow from the steps and walkways before each school day begins.
  20. Yearbook—Lay out and organize the yearbook for publication. Responsibilities include laying out photographs, listing names, and ensuring every child is represented. 
  21. Office Help—Assist in large mailings and/or answering the office phone.