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Cutting Down on Colds
Most kids catch four to six colds per year!

 SOURCE: The Well-Centered Child, November 2004

The average preschooler is estimated to catch at least four to six colds per year. Any parent who has ever been up at night with a feverish, coughing child knows that even one cold is too many.

By working with your child’s caregiver, you may be able to cut down on the number of colds passed from child to child in the classroom:

  • Careful handwashing with soap and warm water at school and at home can make a tremendous difference. Encourage frequent handwashing. And because children want to be like grown-ups and do what you do, be sure they see you washing your hands.
  • Regular bedtimes, predictable meal schedules, and time for outdoor play promotes resistance to illness.
  • Be sure to send along mitten, boots, and other cold-weather gear every day to make it easier for caregivers to take your child outdoors.
  • Review your school’s or caregiver’s policy about illness. You may need to keep your child at home or make other arrangements when he or she is ill. Do this for the benefit of the other children and for your own child.

 MSGL asks that you keep your child home if your child has an extremely runny nose and/or constant cough, even if there is no fever. The potential of spreading the cold is too great, as well as your child is most likely too miserable to truly benefit from attending class that day. If your child comes to school with these symptoms or develops them during the day, we will call you and ask that you pick up you child. Because we do not have a school nurse, it is imperative that we have the numbers necessary to reach you in a timely manner. Thank you!

Did you know that there is a Health Note list in the office that lists known classroom illnesses that are contagious? The illnesses are listed by Class Name, not by Student Name, to maintain confidentiality. Parents of a sick child are asked to communicate with the office or teacher when their child has a contagious illness; this helps other parents be on the look-out in case their child contracts the same illness. Thank you!