Volunteers Make Our School Work

Volunteer Hours Example


Task Time*
Laundry 30 min
Snack 30 min
Supplies for a celebration 30 min
Recycling 1 hr
Sound table 1 hr
Listening to readers 1 hr
Xeroxing 30 min
Play dough 30 min
*Times are best estimates, your time may vary.

Other examples of volunteer work is yard work, filed trips, pumpkin cutting, yearbook committee meeting, class room crafts, sweeping mulch, setting chairs up, and handing out ice cream.  All of these actions help to enrich the MSGL community and our school.
Check your Service Hours

A staff member will review and compile your logged service hours. Please check back often to review the number of completed service hours. Hours are not automatically updated after submission.

Please contact Erica Wallskog at if you have any questions regarding your service hours.

Thank you.

Check your Service Hours here!