My name is Manjiri Dhoke and my son Rishi has been part of MSGL since he was a toddler. My husband and I moved to the US more than a decade ago to pursue our graduate degrees in Material Science and Engineering. We became part of the West Lafayette community in 2013. Rishi instantly took to MSGL and the loving environment, and we have since not looked back. He will join the elementary program in 2017. I work in the medical device industry as part of COOK Regentec and am very passionate about bringing new technology in the market to help patients. Both my husband and I are full time working professionals and understand the importance of the environment where our kid spends his day learning and playing. We have learnt a lot from the thoughtful and patient teachers who have been part of his journey so far. I have spent some time with the kindergarten class this year, listening to them read, and it has been a joy to see each kid in the class progress over the year. I look forward to contributing to the school in a more involved manner and giving back to the community that has lovingly helped our child to grow and learn.