Melissa Law-Penrose
     Melissa and her husband Jared moved to West Lafayette in 2012 with their son, Collis, from Central Pennsylvania. Melissa had previously earned a Master’s degree in International Peace and Conflict Resolution and worked at a college in Pennsylvania as the Director of Peacemaking Initiatives. While Jared has worked on a PhD program at Purdue University, they have added a daughter, Emmeline, to the family and Melissa started working at Purdue as an Academic Advisor in the College of Science. Through all of the transition and change their family experienced, Melissa and Jared are thankful for the consistent routine that MSGL and the Catalpa teachers have provided for Collis the past three school years. The individualized attention and freedom of choice speaks to Collis’s personality, learning style and developmental needs. Melissa is looking forward to sending Emmeline to start preprimary in the fall, serving her second year on the board, and giving back to a place that has already given so much to their family and many others over the school’s long history.


More About Melissa

How did you first become involved with Montessori education?

    I first became involved through Montessori education through a friend who has a son a year older than my oldest. Through his first year of pre-primary at a Montessori school I got to hear about and witness the benefits of a Montessori education for my friend’s son and their whole family. Our son’s have similar personalities and I became convinced Montessori was the right choice for us.

How do you think a Montessori education benefits children?

    A Montessori education benefits children in many ways. Most of which have to do with care for themselves, others and their environment. It is a level of conscientiousness and thought that I never expected out of my 3-5 year old. It helped my child to think about actions and consequences, to nurture a highly inquisitive and investigative nature and promote a love of learning that I’m convinced would not have been possible anywhere else. A Montessori education helps children know they are valued, that questions are important and that exploration is great!

What is your most memorable moment at MSGL?

    My most memorable moment at MSGL was becoming a part of the board and being a part of the search process for a new Executive Director. So much time and effort was spent on the process, more than I had anticipated when I said yes! The group of people I worked with were very committed to doing a thorough and good job for our school. I was privileged to work with them and be a part of such a major transition for the school.