Bringing Montessori Home - AMS Conference

     Thanks for joining us in Chicago! It was a pleasure meeting and sharing with so many dedicated Montessori parents, teachers, and administrators. We have posted the handouts on this page, some which were omitted from the AMS conference site. 

    Our 25-page book "Bringing Montessori Home" is available for purchase for $15 at the link below. We invite you to purchase a copy for your school or child care center to copy and share with your parents as part of your parent education program.

     We would love to hear your success stories of using Bringing Montessori Home in your organization.  Do you have recommendations or suggested changes? We would love to hear those, too. Please contact us at


Purchase "Bringing Montessori Home" Handbook

Purchase Bringing Montessori home

     Bringing Montessori Home is designed to inspire parents to use Maria Montessori's principles to create a home environment that respects the child's need for independence as a part of his natural development. We encourage you to purchase one copy of this .pdf file to print and share with your families as part of your school or child care center's parent education program. 25 pages with full-color photos.