Katie DeWitt
      My husband and I moved with our two young daughters to West Lafayette in 2007. Since we have been here, our family has grown to also include two wonderful sons. Our children: Madeline (9), Sawyer (6), Eamon (4), and Truman (1), are busy, active kids and we are busy, active parents.
     We came to be a part of the MSGL community in 2010 when our daughter, Sawyer joined the Globe Willow classroom. Ever since, we have been thrilled with the experiences provided to our children through their Montessori education. We have been impressed by their sense of personal responsibility and independence; their caring approach to the environment and to peers. I am thrilled to be a part of the MSGL board and look forward to continuing to serve this organization and the children who are a part of it.
     Prior to choosing to stay at home with my children, I was a supervisor of School-Based Child and Family Therapists, and a child and family therapist. I worked with children who were coping with serious mental illness and significant behavioral problems. In my free time, I love to spend time outside, exercise, and spend time with our family.