Cary Kerr
     My wife Jennifer and I are both graduates from Purdue and have lived in West Lafayette since graduation in 1993. We both completed graduate programs at Purdue and were fortunate to find employment in West Lafayette. I worked for the Purdue Libraries until 2000 when I transferred to a position at Cook Biotech in the Purdue Research Park. I am currently the Director of IT at Cook Biotech and work with a team of IT professionals to support the global efforts of Cook Medical, based in Bloomington. I also serve as the Compliance Administrator for Cook Biotech and oversee the Ethics & Compliance Program.
     Jennifer and I have two boys Nate and Zach. Nate started at Montessori when he was 3 and continued through the 3rd grade. Nate is currently in 8th grade at Central Catholic. We were extremely pleased with Nate’s progress while at Montessori and believe his love of reading and kind, loving demeanor were developed during his years at MSGL. Zach is currently in his 3rd year in the Elementary program. Zach has a very easy-going personality with a desire to explore and be free. He thrives on the mobility and freedom to choose activities for himself. We feel the MSGL Elementary program has allowed Zach to grow and progress in his areas of interest, especially math. Jennifer and I have helped at work days, at book fairs, with classroom projects, and with the house committee. I have served on the board the last two years and look forward to continuing this service.