Printable Safety Checklist
Playground Safety Schedule

Playground Checks


Playground Checks include the following:
  • Sweep up wood chips on walkway and dump into play equipment area.
  • Sweep and remove leaves from the ramp and steps leading to the office.
  • Rake wood chips toward play equipment, especially on both monkey bars
  • Rake and remove leaves away from the shed and toddler playground entrance.
  • Check outdoor trash cans, pick up trash as needed, empty and replace trash bags as needed.

If you have a conflict on your scheduled week, please trade with another committee member. Brooms, rakes and trash bags can be found in the shed near the toddler yard with the beautiful mural.  There are additional trash bags available in the office utility room.

Visit the following link to sign up for Playground checks.

Don't forget to log your Service Hours for helping with Playground Checks!

If you notice anything unsafe or out of place please let the office know.  

Thanks for your help!
MSGL Landscaping and Grounds Committee