Hilary Cooke

          My husband Greg and I have two sons, Isaac and Ezra. Isaac began at MSGL in the parent-infant class, moved on to Spruce, Red Oak, Catalpa Pods, and graduated from Elementary I. Ezra began with the toddler program in Spruce and spent time in River Birch, Red Oak, Catalpa Pods and is currently in Elementary. Over the eight years we’ve been involved with MSGL it has been a delight to watch not only my own children, but their classmates as well, develop and flourish in such a nurturing environment. Not a day goes by that I don’t think to myself how grateful I am that our family is part of the MSGL community. 

     I work part-time at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Lafayette, where I serve as the Associate Rector. As part of this work I oversee and participate as a teacher in the Montessori-based Sunday school program for children aged 3-11. 

More About Hilary

How did you first become involved with Montessori education?

     I was first introduced to the Montessori method when one of my friends from college became a teacher at a Montessori middle school in Vermont. I attended school performances and recall being impressed by the self-confidence and self-directed nature of these young teenagers. Later, I had the privilege of chaperoning their class trip to Alabama to study the Civil Rights Movement. Each student had written a speech in the voice of one of the leaders of the Civil Rights Movement; the class traveled to various locations around Montgomery and Selma so that each student could present the speech in the most relevant location. Upon returning to Vermont, the students wrote, directed and presented an hour-long show about their experiences (writing lyrics and music for the songs themselves). I was sold. When I married my husband, Greg, I told him we were sending any children we might have to a Montessori school. It was crystal clear to me that the method encouraged a love of learning and enabled a sense of creativity that I had not seen in public schools.