Lucy Tascon

Lucy Tascon is an assistant in the Elementary program. Lucy is originally from Medellín, Colombia. She was an exchange student at RHS in Marion, OH, and later earned a bachelor's degree in Systems Engineering at her home country. Lucy married her husband, Gabriel, and together they came to the US to pursue a master's degree in telecommunications at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Their first son was born there, and soon after graduation they went back to Colombia. Lucy moved to United States in January 2017 with her husband, together they have two wonderful sons: Andrés (22 years old), who just graduated from MIT and is currently a grad student at Cornell University; and Federico, (20 years old) who is currently attending Purdue University. They as a family enjoy spending time together, watching movies, and doing some mountain biking. She is very happy to become part of the MSGL family!

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