In the course of everyday living, we as parents are the primary care givers of our children. On any given day, the majority of our time is spent in feeding, diapering, bathing and monitoring activities. We sometimes lament the fact that we have very little opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the wonders in our midst, our children. The Parent/Infant class was established to give parents this opportunity. Through observation and discussions, parents are able to gain a better understanding of their child and to learn to meet the true needs of the child without sacrificing their own. In addition, the children are afforded the opportunity to interact on a regular basis with a familiar group of children, which is especially important in this time of smaller families.

Parent . . .

The purpose of the program is parent education, and the primary objective is to help parents develop the personal skill of observation. Observation is the basis for the Montessori method of education as well as the basis for study in all areas of child development. The children in the Parent/Infant Class are truly the educational resource for the parents and teacher.

It takes a considerable amount of skill, discipline and practice to become a good observer. Initially, what is necessary is to bring forth a silence within ourselves in order to see things as they are in a totally objective way. The second stage is keeping a record of what we see. This recorded data provides us with a unique source of information which results in a wider knowledge of the child and his individual growth. We can, through our records, appreciate the variations produced by the individual in his or her own unique pattern of development.

Child . . .

The program goal for the children is to enhance growth in social-emotional, physical, and intellectual spheres. Classroom materials are specially selected to help them with the unique developmental tasks of this age. They are free to explore and learn by experiencing the materials and interacting with other children.

About the Program

Parents and children attend a weekly classroom session in a stimulating environment developed specifically for children one to two-years old. The focus is on physical development, nutrition, and emerging language. The parent's presence in the classroom provides comfort and security for the child; the classroom setting provides a unique opportunity for the very young child to be with peers, learning the very basic rule of society -- peaceful coexistence.

Class size is limited to ten children plus their adult. Students must be 1 by September 1 in order to be eligible for the class. Either or both parents, a babysitter, or relative may attend the weekly classes. 

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