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Preprimary and Kindergarten Faculty

Geared to the size, pace and interests of boys and girls between the ages of three and five, the class is designed to put children at ease by giving them structural freedom in an environment prepared with attractive materials. Unlike teacher-centered classrooms, stimulation for learning comes from total surroundings. In applying the Montessori Method, the role of the teacher is to be a keen observer of the individual interests and needs of each child, and daily work proceeds from the teacher’s observations rather than from a predetermined curriculum.

The multi-age classroom, for ages 3 to 6 years, benefits both younger and older students and promotes teamwork. Younger students instinctively find an older role model with interests and a learning style similar to their own. Older students develop leadership skills and strengthen their own knowledge as they assist the younger ones.  

The Montessori materials offers children the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of materials.  Children can grow as their interests lead them from one level of complexity to the next. The highly trained and experienced faculty encourages children to explore science, nature, art, foreign language, cultural studies, music, geography, and creative movement; the main areas being practical life, sensorial studies, language and math.

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