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Kristina Carlson - Board Member
When I moved to Indiana from Rhode Island six years ago, I called MSGL to see if I needed to put my one month old Lily’s name on a waiting list for the Spanish Globe Willow Class. I’ve since relaxed my former family law attorney self into my role as a stay at home mom to Lily, age 6, and twins and current River Birch students, Lexi and Zoe, age 3. My husband, Christian Butzke, is Purdue’s wine professor.

Lily enjoyed the Montessori experience for three years (one Spruce, two Globe Willow) and created enough artwork to wallpaper our entire house. Lexi and Zoe are completing their second year. Christian laments that Lexi is so eager to start her work, she can’t be bothered to say goodbye. Lexi and Zoe will, hopefully, start Globe Willow next fall. We have been so pleased to watch all three of our daughters ease out of separation anxiety and find independence and social confidence at MSGL. It has been a blessing to know that our children are in the hands of teachers who truly care for them, in an environment that they love to be in.

I have served on the auction committee for the past two years and especially enjoyed helping students create classroom projects. I would love to contribute more to this community by serving on the MSGL Board.

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